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Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Generate and Manage Leads

It has often been said that working smart is more important than working hard.

That is not to suggest working hard is a bad thing. Far from it. In fact, every agent knows that hard work is often the difference between selling and failing. But working hard without working smart usually leads to failure.

When it comes to generating and managing leads, LeadMQ lets you work smart while leaving the hard work to us. All that means is that you will be able to generate good leads and manage them with ease so that you can focus on what makes you money … your clients!

LeadMQ helps you to work smart by making it easy for you to:

  1. Keep a record of your contact with every prospective client. In seconds, from any device anywhere that allows you to access the Internet, you will be able to track all the contacts you have made or attempted with every lead. You will have instant access to such information as the best time to contact certain leads and a record of when they have or have not been available. With LeadMQ you will minimize wasted calls and wasted time as you follow up on leads. And, remember, LeadMQ is your only option for an all-in-one service allowing you to generate and manage your leads all in the same place. It allows you to monitor everything that has transpired between you and every one of your leads all the way from step one to closing.
  2. Disposition every lead and every contact. Although every lead you generate with LeadMQ should be a good one, some leads will always be better than others. Your time is limited, so it is important to prioritize certain leads over others in order to maximize sales. You need a system in place that allows you to evaluate each lead according to the apparent likelihood that it will result in a sale. Classifying leads in this way can help you determine when and how you should contact a lead, and what steps you need to take in order to make every good lead an even better one.
  3. Make a follow-up plan that is going to work. LeadMQ’s calendar feature will make it easy for you to follow up on every lead. Instantly you will have a record of every contact you have had, or attempted, with every lead, and all the significant information you have acquired about that lead. Our system will remind you when it is time to contact the lead again, and you will be prepared in an instant to pick up where you left off last time and take that lead one step closer—or all the way—to closing.

Whether you are an individual agent or an agent working for an agency or large enterprise, LeadMQ will make it easy for you to work smart, not hard, to generate and manage leads so that you can focus on selling. Contact LeadMQ at 1-888-980-7868 for information about why LeadMQ is your best choice for working smart.