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About Us

LeadMQ is collaboration between seasoned senior market insurance professionals, designers, and developers. The majority our staff has worked in the field as licensed agents. So we know and understand the daily struggles involved in lead creation, management, and quoting.

Our parent company Golden Senior Advisors Inc. employs a full time in-house development team. No outsourcing here. This gives us the ability to control quality from start to support. The ultimate goal is to provide the best experience for you the end user.

Leads are an interesting subject with many uncertain questions and answers. What is a qualified lead? What are the best leads? Do I purchase direct mail, telemarked, or internet leads? Should I call the lead by phone, email the lead, or drop by? There is a ‘yes’ answer to one question that we are certain about…”Are leads expensive?”

The high cost of leads today is what motivated us to create LeadMQ. You wouldn’t make a trip to the grocery store, pay for your trunk full of groceries, and leave the groceries in the trunk to go to waste? This example is synonymous with how many sales professionals may handle perfectly good qualified leads today. LeadMQ is designed to create sales out of leads that would normally slip away.

Most would agree that leads are one of the most (if not the most) important elements to a successful career as an insurance professional. Our goal is to not only provide valuable lead generation tools to Senior Market sales professionals, but also provide unparalleled lead management and quoting technologies.

LeadMQ – ‘Where the money is’


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