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The Complete Lead Tool

The all in one solution for senior market agents to order, manage, and quote leads. Never again will an agent not know exactly where each lead is in the sales process. From callback to pending to sold, it has you covered every step of the way.

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Product Features


Internet Based

The LeadMQ system is a web based system that can be accessed anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection and web browser. No longer will an agent be tied to their office to access their software based lead management system, but freed to access their leads anywhere at anytime.


Lead Tracking

LeadMQ tracks an agent’s leads from generation to completion, with every possible disposition in between to ensure you know the history and status of a lead from the moment it was generated. No longer will an agent need to keep separate notes or rely on memory to know a lead’s status – LeadMQ has them covered.


Internal Quoting

Yes we said quoting. LeadMQ will not only manage an agent’s leads, it will allow them to quick quote and provide instant quotes while viewing a lead. From Quote Standard, Select Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Final Expense plans, an agent can quote them all instantly without leaving the system.


Email Made Easy

The email module in LeadMQ allows an agent to compose custom email messages, select from previously created email messages, and setup automatic email messages to be sent in future timed intervals. After a message is sent, LeadMQ also logs the message in an agent’s history tab along with all other activity for that lead.


Lead Generation

With one click in the LeadMQ system, an agent is connected to our preferred lead affiliates to choose between direct mail leads, telemarketed leads, or pre-set telemarketed appointments. Once purchased, these leads will be directly inserted into an agent’s account and immediately available for use.


Importing & Exporting

If an agent has leads stored in external data files, LeadMQ allows them to import their data files directly into the campaign of their choice to manage all their leads in one location. LeadMQ also allows for exporting lead data in part or whole with custom filters to export only the data needed by an agent.

Calendar Icon


The calendar feature in LeadMQ gives an agent full control over their schedule. With a weekly, monthly, yearly, and agenda views, an agent can maximize the use of their time for scheduling and follow-up with leads. No more need for separate calendars – LeadMQ integrates it all.

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Since timely follow up is critical when working fresh leads, LeadMQ has integrated alerts to notify an agent instantly when new leads arrive in their account via email and SMS text message. Alerts can also be set for any calendar event, so an agent doesn’t need to worry about forgetting an appointment – LeadMQ takes care of it for them.

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All LeadMQ data is stored on secure servers and protected with SSL encryption during information transfer, so an agent can rest easy that their leads are protected. The LeadMQ database is also protected with unique log-in and password credentials for each client, so the only person viewing the lead data is the agent it belongs to.




$40 per user

1 User

Unlimited Quotes

Full Suite of Features

API Available

Online Product Support

$100 Setup Fee

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$30 per user

5 – 25 Users

Unlimited Quotes

Full Suite of Features

API Available

Online Product Support

$150 Setup Fee

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$20 per user

26+ Users

Unlimited Quotes

Full Suite of Features

API Available

Online Product Support

$500 Setup Fee

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Quoting API

Quoting data delivered in a raw format for use by an Application Programming Interface (API), such as for display on a company website.

2 plans available for both LeadMQ subscribers and non-subscribers.

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